2020, April 3-5
St. Petersburg International Motorcycle Tourism Forum

The forum has been held in St. Petersburg since 2010 with the support of state and public organizations:
St. Petersburg International Motorcycle Tourism Forum

2020, April 3-5th
Dedicated to event, cognitive, sports and technical motor tourism, as a part of the Russian tourism industry.
Main motorcycle tourism development vectors presentation
Compilation and approval of the main motorcycle events of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region for the motorcycle season 2020
New international and Russian routes and motorcycle tourism destinations
New motorcycles, equipment presentation and customized motorcycles exposition
Main world motorcycle tourism components 3 DAY Workshop
"Baltic Run", "Baikal", "Mad Rider" runs' presentations, informative historical runs.
Summit and Exhibition Participants' interviews
Round tables of motorcycle clubs and traffic police representatives.
Motocalendar 2020: major motoseason events' presentations, including "Motostolitsa 2020", "Harley Days 2020", "Volkhonskaya versta 2020".
The biggest international and Russian motorcycle events: МР '20 exhibition (Finland), Kymiring racing complex (Finland), Imatra Night (Finland), Igora Drive (Russia).
Round tables with representatives of motorsport.
Presentations of driving schools, motorsport schools and stunt riding schools.
Speeches by rsocial projects' representatives, including "Motodonors", "Energy of Life", "Fund of victims of road accidents", "Motosolidarnost".
The Friendship Road run was the flagship project of Motosummit 2019. Motorcyclists took part in this event in honor of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and China.
"Baltic Run": Motosummit 2020 main project is intended to become an annual one.
Mission: embodies the union of the international motorcycle community, strengthens tourist and cultural relations of Baltic region countries.
WEEK 2020
Misano, Italy, 17-19 of july 2020
2020, April 3-5 | Open 10:00 - 20:00
Motor season 2020 opening
«Motostolitsa 2020» festival
«Harley Days 2020» festival
«Volkhonskaya Versta» festival
Motor season 2020 closing
IMIS Off Road
The board of founders
«MOTOSUMMIT» Board of Founders Chairman
Mr. Alexander Shestakov

CJSC «Pervaya Mebelnaya Fabrika» CEO

The road safety working group Chairman at the public council of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region Ministry of Internal Affairs

«MOTOSUMMIT» Forum Founder
Mr. Grigoriy Putintsev
Motorcycling St. Petersburg Governor Advisor

Motorcyclists of St. Petersburg Association President
«MOTOSUMMIT» Organizing Committee Chairman
Mr. Michael Nekrasov
Motorcyclists of St. Petersburg Association Vice-President

«Old Heads МС» President
"ExpoForum" Exhibition Center
Petersburg highway d. 64k1 lit. A, St. Petersburg Transport: • Pulkovo International Airport - 6 km. • Ring road - 4 km. • Motorway "Moscow - St. Petersburg" - 3 km. • Northwest high-speed diameter - 10 km. • Free buses from the metro station Moscow and Leninsky Prospekt.
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